Friday, January 4, 2013

The Cure - Day 3

Amazing idea! Our first assignment for the weekend is to buy flowers. Brilliant. I am heading to the nursery to buy a live flowering plant. I need some green in the house with all of the COLD weather we've been having. Then, of course, comes the mopping and vacuuming and wiping down the floorboards to the accompaniment of the metal channel. Well it shouldn't seem so bad as long as you've got the flowers to enjoy. Speaking of flowers, I have to share a really cool link to some incredible resources and people. I really wanted to plant some bulbs for the spring and put out a WANT request on Freecycle last week. A really nice lady answered up right away and said she'd split her bulbs with me as she needs to thin them out! It needs to be said that people that share have a special gift. She doesn't realize how much this means to me. So find the group nearest you and add to the kindness that goes out into the world.

And yes, that is where I'll be sending my outbox items for The Cure Project on Apartment Therapy. And if I stay focused this weekend, there will be more in the Outbox and more listed on Freecycle!

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